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Peering with AS44817

Shinoaki Network (AS44817) has an open peering policy, and will peer with networks that have a presence on mutual exchange points in accordance with the policies described below.

You can peer with us through our listed IX in PeeringDB. Peering over RS is always recommended over direct sessions.

Documentation for the BGP communities is available in


We uses PeeringDB as a single authoritative source of truth. This means peering partners must have an up-to-date PeeringDB entry before a bilateral peering session can be established.

Both parties must have an up-to-date NOC contact email, which is responsive to raised issues and concerns.

Both parties should have a well set-up route-set or AS-SET as well as up-to date prefix maximums defined in PeeringDB. We will use this data to filter routes received from the network’s BGP sessions.

Peering via Wireguard VPN Sessions

Please email to to discuss this plan.

Peering Information

For your convenience, here are more info about peering.

ASN: 44817
Suggested IPv4 Prefix limit: Now it still not supported
Suggested IPv6 Prefix limit: 512